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Welcome to the website for the Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association, Inc. Here you'll find information about the Association, including important documents, like the Deed Restrictions (or Covenants), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), ARC Submission Instructions, and a calendar of events including HOA and BOD meetings, agendas and minutes. We'll send out email alerts as information is added.

BOD Meetings

Date August 13, 2020
Regular BOD Meeting
Time: 7:00 P.M.

Location: Club House /Zoom Meeting


  • Call to order

  • Notice of non-Director interruptions

  • Approval of previous meeting minutes:


Reports: 15 minutes each (please strive for 5 min)

  • Finance:

    • Insurance refund

  • Arena Committee:

    • Arena Committee Sign Request

    • Footing

  • Trails & Common Area Committee:

    • Gate Battery Backup

  • ARC


Old Business:

  • BPE Transfer

  • Policy Documents

    • Pending Review by GHROA Attorney: Conflict of Interest, Records Retention Policy, Records Production-Copying Policy

    • Board interaction policy & Forum policy

    • Committee “official” establishment and policies

  • Community Issues

    • Owner Survey & questions

    • Owner Forum and By-Laws Regarding Owner Participation in Regular Meetings of the BOD (to allow)

  • HR Road Status

  • Alleged CCR violations

  • Tax Exemption Task Force

  • Process and procedure

    • Ghroa.com, ghroa.net

  • NorTex Tower Contract

  • Overnighting in the Community Center


New Business:

  • Owner complaints

  • Adjusting RV fees due to electricity costs

  • Zoom recording of board meetings

  • Prospective non-Owner membership and requirements

  • Check signing procedures

  • Owner meeting

  • Discipline for interrupting Board meetings


Items tabled to a later date:

  • BPE issues at NW creek crossing

  • CCR update

  • ByLaw review

  • Rules & Regs review

  • Capital Improvement Projects

Owners can request topics by emailing any of the directors listed below. Agenda topics must be received 10 days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the board. 

Owner Meeting

Next meeting TBD
GHROA Owner Meeting

Location: GHROA ClubHouse



Responsibility for the operation of the Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association transferred from the Developer to the Association in the fall of 2016. In January of 2017, the Association elected the Board of Directors shown below. To help the Board stay on course, they have drafted a vision, mission and set of values for the Association. These principles will help guide the actions of the board as they execute their duties.   

Vision: We envision a community with an inspiring western lifestyle where we can enjoy the advantages of family, friends, neighbors, and horses.


Mission: Our mission is to:

  • Preserve the Horseman’s Ranch quality of life,

  • Foster a sense of community,

  • Increase value for Horseman’s Ranch owners through effective and efficient management of the Association and enforcement of rules and covenants, and

  • Support initiatives and capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community.


Values: In our activities to achieve our vision and mission we value: integrity, fairness, consistency, common sense, participation, respect, and cooperation—all leading to a sense of community.

The Board of directors

Grady Dougless, President


Peggy Jackson, Vice President


John Scott, Treasurer


Veronica Williams, Secretary


Tracey Austin-Ivy, Ad Hoc Director


Architectural review committee (ARC )


John Scott, Chair​

Bart Ullrich

Grady Douglas

arena committee

Bart Ullrich, Chair: bullrich517@gmail.com

​Melissa Walker: redbluemel@gmail.com

Imelda Donnelly: imeldadonn@aol.com

Tracey Austin-Ivy: adhocbodghroa@ntin.net

Veronica Williams: secretaryghroa@ntin.net

Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association, Inc.

171 County Road 1262

Whitesboro, TX 76273

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