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Welcome to the website for the Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association, Inc. Here you'll find information about the Association, including important documents, like the Deed Restrictions (or Covenants), Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), ARC Submission Instructions, and a calendar of events including HOA and BOD meetings, agendas and minutes. We'll send out email alerts as information is added.

BOD Meetings

November 7, 2019
Regular BOD Meeting
Time: 7:00 P.M.

Location: GHROA ClubHouse


  • Approval of previous meeting minutes: 

  • Financial Report:

  • Arena Committee Report: 

  • Trails & Common Area Committee Report: 

  • ARC Report


Other Agenda Items:​

  • 2020 Budget Discussion

Board Nominations

Bart Ullrich nominated Grady Douglas.

You can read his bio here


Pierce Williams nominated Tracey Austin Ivy.

You can read her bio here.

Kathy Quinn nominated Lara Hughes.

You can read her bio here



Responsibility for the operation of the Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association transferred from the Developer to the Association in the fall of 2016. In January of 2017, the Association elected the Board of Directors shown below. To help the Board stay on course, they have drafted a vision, mission and set of values for the Association. These principles will help guide the actions of the board as they execute their duties.   

Vision: We envision a community with an inspiring western lifestyle where we can enjoy the advantages of family, friends, neighbors, and horses.


Mission: Our mission is to:

  • Preserve the Horseman’s Ranch quality of life,

  • Foster a sense of community,

  • Increase value for Horseman’s Ranch owners through effective and efficient management of the Association and enforcement of rules and covenants, and

  • Support initiatives and capital improvements that benefit the greater good of the community.


Values: In our activities to achieve our vision and mission we value: integrity, fairness, consistency, common sense, participation, respect, and cooperation—all leading to a sense of community.

The Board of directors

John Scott, President


Imelda Donnelly, Vice President


Peggy Jackson, Treasurer


Veronica Williams, Secretary


Lara Hughes-Mattheis, Ad Hoc Director


Architectural review committee (ARC )


John Scott, Chair​

Bart Ullrich

Grady Douglas

arena committee

Veronica Williams,Chair: secretaryghroa@ntin.net

Bart Ullrich: bullrich517@gmail.com

​Melissa Walker: redbluemel@gmail.com

Imelda Donnelly: vicepresidentghroa@ntin.net

Election process

Submit your nominations by sending your nominee's bio via email to secretaryghroa@ntin.net by 5:00 P.M. October 20, 2019. 


Election Process: 

  1. One Ballot will be sent to the owner of each lot with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope (Mailing Envelope), and another blank envelope (Ballot Envelope). 

  2. Owners will cast their vote by checking boxes for no more than 2 candidates on the Ballot. 

  3. Fold the completed Ballot and put into the Ballot Envelope. 

  4. Put the Ballot envelope into the Mailing Envelope. 

  5. Seal the Mailing Envelope, write your lot number and sign your name across the seal of the envelope. 

  6. Post the Mailing Envelope so the GHROA receives it by November 15, 2018. 

  7. The Mailing Envelopes will be collected by the Treasurer and held, unopened, until all have been received on November 29, 2019. 

  8. On December 1, the President, Secretary, and Treasurer will count the Mailing Envelopes received according to the Lot Owners on file with the County. 

  9. The Ballot Envelopes will be separated from the Mailing Envelopes to ensure anonymity of the Ballots. 

  10. The Ballot will then be handed over to 2 Ballot Counters. The Ballot Counters cannot be any of the nominees to the board. 

  11. The Ballot Counters will remove the Ballots from the Ballot Envelopes.  

  12. The Ballot Counters will then count the votes cast for the nominees. 

  13. The nominees receiving the two highest number of votes will become the new directors to the board.

    • Tie for largest number of votes: In the case of a two-way tie for the top number of votes - the two nominees with the largest number of votes will become directors 1 and 2. 

    • Tie for second largest number of votes: In the case of a two-way tie for the second largest number of votes – the names of the two candidates will be written on same-sized pieces of paper. Those pieces of paper will be placed in a hat with 3 other same-sized pieces of paper. One of the Ballot Counters will draw pieces of paper from the hat until one name is drawn. The name of the person on that piece of paper will become Director 2. 

    • In the case of a three-way tie for either position, there will be another vote amongst the Home Owners between only these three nominees to select the director. 

  14. The Ballot Counters will announce the winning candidates to the Ad Hoc Director and the President. 

  15. There will be a short Regular Meeting of the Board, prior to the Annual Owners’ Meeting, where the new directors will take their seats, and the Board will nominate the new Officers. Dates to follow. 

Gainesville Horseman's Ranch Owners Association, Inc.

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